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Agriculture for disabled workers

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Such as Pick bars items with extended handles, pro war-vibration gloves, sole-absorbing boots, remote controls and so on. The disabled agriculturist are using devices based on their requirement such as Horticulture, Poultry, Dairy breeds, Handling AT in livestock, production of crops. The following are the devices used by the disabled agriculturist.

Gardening and Horticulture: If someone becomes disabled and cannot enjoy simple hobbies, one way to alleviate some assistive technology device is to make the garden easier to access. Gardening is a very effective form of relaxation if the sore sometimes limited joints of the handicapped person are not stressed. Assistive Technology is used to allow disabled people to sit easily and safely. Some instruments are mentioned below.

Raised bed with wheel chair Gardening: This is a technique of plantation for disability. Raised bed gardens can be very beneficial to a disabled person, not only makes gardening possible, but are also highly therapeutic. It makes them to feel happier and healthier. It may have many purposes such as providing an isolated area in which the disabled person who cannot tend to normal garden can grow flowers, herbs or vegetables or cater. Locomotor disability, vision impairment and old age people cannot walk along hence to fulfill their mobility requirements with a raised bed built to make it accessible to wheelchairs. This raised garden bed is a U-shaped for wheel chair access and easy access to planting areas. Raise gardens bed are suitable for areas cultivate in a poor soiled or where planting is to be encouraged. This can make a major difference because the person is going to have to sit next to the bed and twist his or her body to work in the garden. The bed can be managed to make more available to a user of a wheelchair by placing the bed on top of the legs allowing the user to sit closer to the legs below to their plantation. Raised beds prevent from the pesticides and weeds.

Swivel seats: It may offer a great alternative to wheelchair-accessible vehicles and make the move to and outside standard vehicles easier for both driver and passenger. swivel seat can be used to rotate their seat up to 90degree from the vehicle and helps them for garden access and paving, rolling garden cart seat help to person with disability with limited flexibility access and safety to and around the garden designed by ergo mobility assessment in Bolney, Agrability in Australia and USA is the best seller provides this assistive technology for the PWD. It is a good convenient technology can adopted in their vehicle seat in tractor also. It is available in Indian online market in amazon.

Folding garden kneeling stone: Makes gardening with this kneeler safer; this has a kneeling frame or a comfortable seat or footstool in reversed condition. This green stool has vital arms to help the user stand up again. It assist to gardeners who are in need of help for getting up and down. This device specially designed for movement impairment people and oldage people whom are using the garden. For ease of use, it is made of heavy duty impact resistant plastic with a foam knee pad attached handles. Its size is 63x 25x 24 cm. This device is familiar in UK country.

Wilkinson Sword Folding Kneeler and Seat: It is good for taking the pressure out of gardening, this kneeler is aimed to support to user weight while working in the user garden with a supportive foam cushion on a solid steel frame. The frame is cleverly designed so that when standing up, the legs also act as side handles for additional support. Besides, it can be used as a comfortable seat if the user turns it upside down. It is easy to store and can be folded flat to fit in the shed or garage of the owner. Particularly locomotor disorder people and old age people can access this device.

Pistol grip tools: This grips are intended for less energy and for maintaining alignment of the forearm and wrist. It helps to the person with disability by dig the soil for plantation. The grip is consider as a hand for disabilities. This device is specially designed for the people impairment with hand.

Ergonomic garden tools: The tools are made of large, textured handles, no slip handles to improve grip. And long handle serves as a trigger to drive the users energy to a tool and make to impact more effective so that user can plant for less energy. Long-handled devices are aimed for gardens who have to sit or stand up on a chair due to arthritis or other disabilities to gain additional scope.

Handling Assistive Technology in Livestock: There is a risk involved in handling of livestock by disabled people involve in farming activities. The possibility of secondary injury from existing injuries or disabilities during the handling of animals is extremely high. Most Assistive Technologies are used to support and protect disabled farmers from further injury. Such devices help to prevent or reduce direct animal interaction. The majority of these types of assistive technologies are used both in cattle and milk operations.

Livestock guards and Fencing gates: Domestic livestock are prone to predations from different wild and domesticated animals, particularly sheep and goats, hen, dog and so on. The people with impairment is difficult to handle with these animal, so the livestock guards will assist the need to open or close the gates without stopping their vehicle. This fence gate is accessed by swing back system and free from any remote or system access. 

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