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Variety Of Marine Animals

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Everyday, hundreds and thousands of people visit aquariums. Children and adults marvel at the variety of sea animals – from the Devil’s Hole pupfish to the killer whale. Smiling families tap on the glass walls of tanks, making faces at the cute sea animals. This might seem like an innocent scene in an aquarium, but it is actually extremely harmful to the sea animals and the employees that work with the animals. Several studies have shown that animals in captivity face severe brain damage due to unethical practices that employees perform on a daily basis. Therefore, aquariums, such as Seaworld, are abusive to their marine life and trainers, and should be banned immediately. or over 150 years, aquariums have been well loved attractions, visited daily and opened all throughout the world.

And for these 150 years, they have gotten away with abusing and knowingly causing brain damage for the sea animals in captivity. Many published studies, including one from the University of Denver, have shown that the sea animals who have lived in aquariums for most of their life are prone to facing phycological and physical brain damage. One cause of brain damage is boredness and depression. Because the sea animals are separated from their families and are placed in a strange environment, studies have shown it is extremely depressing for them. Furthermore, orcas usually swim up to 140 miles a day, whereas in captivity they can only swim a few miles. Boredness and depression is not the only cause of brain damage. It can also can be caused by the tapping and knocking on the glass walls. Upon further examination, research has shown that tapping can send painful sound waves to larger animals, such as dolphins. Even with this knowledge, however, employees do not attempt to stop people from tapping and causing brain damage.

Performing unethical practices is another example of abuse in aquariums. It was revealed that Shamu, one of the first orcas, was captured and torn from her family. In 1965, a few men surrounded her in boats and forced her into a sling. Because Shamu’s mother resisted capture, a man named Don Goldsberry shot a harpoon at her and killed her in front of Shamu. Officials say that Don hired several divers to sink four dead orcas, as he was afraid of people learning about his crimes. The divers slit open the orcas’ bellies, filled them with rocks and anchors, and sunk them deep into the ocean. Goldsberry also reportedly used handmade bombs and unsafe guns to stun tropical fish that were later delivered to aquariums. This practice is not only dangerous to the fish, but also other species of animals that might be in range of the explosion. Lying is another unethical practice performed by aquariums. For example, Seaworld tells visitors that orcas live longer in captivity than in the wild. However, a 2016 study from the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows that orcas actually live longer in the wild. Their study has proven that wild orcas usually live up to 30 to 50 years, while those in Seaworld only live up to an average of 16 years.

Another lie Seaworld tells visitors is that an orca with a bent dorsal fin is perfectly normal. On the contrary, it is actually a sign of unhealthiness and a lack of exercise. Just to gain support and money, aquariums used unethical practices like lying and killing. Even though it might not seem like it, interactive aquariums such as Seaworld can be extremely dangerous for the employees and trainers. This is because animals are unpredictable. Many trainers have been hurt and even killed by working with these animals, just because they underestimated the animal’s strength. Seaworld, which features orcas, has had many incidents of the poor confused animals. Dawn Brancheau, one of the most famous orca trainers in Seaworld, was attacked by an orca named Tilikum. Even though Dawn and Tilikum had a great relationship before the attack, and Dawn had always reportedly treated Tilikum with respect, the orca still attacked her and killed her. Studies have shown that orcas, being apex and wild predators, make decisions often without thinking. They do it precisely with no plan. This also applies to many other sea animals. Even dolphins can be extremely dangerous when not thinking. Even after dozens of animal attacks, aquariums like Seaworld still do not do anything to stop the danger.

After Dawn’s incident, Seaworld admitted that they knew the danger of putting Dawn in the water with Tilikum.  The director himself says that “every trainer has been thumped, bumped, bruised, bitten, or abused” by an orca. However, he does not do anything to stop these trainers from getting injured. This shows that Seaworld is abusing their employees by not telling them the risks of becoming a trainer. Some people believe that aquariums are a good learning experience for people of all ages, and it will allow them to realize how important the ocean is. Nevertheless, aquariums still should be banned, as their mistreatment to the sea animals and employees is unlawful. Not only are the sea animals faced with head trauma and treated unethically, the trainers themselves are put at a huge risk when working with the sea animals. Therefore, aquariums are extremely abusive to their animals and staff, and should be banned.

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