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Understand Health And Safety In Social Care Settings Persuasive

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Your Health and Safety in Social Care

Good health is very important for every person. Moreover, there is nothing more important than health. Wise people even say: “Health is above wealth,” because if you don’t care about your health, you can’t study or work properly. Unfortunately, having perfect health is almost impossible nowadays.

One proverb says that health is the greatest value. That is because only in the presence of human health there are forces and inspiration for affairs, communication, and creativity. When something is sore in the body, it’s hard to concentrate on study or work; you do not want to have fun. And modern life requires us to be active, so we have to worry about our health. It is necessary to protect it since childhood, and disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

If you don’t want to be ill, you need to maintain your health. You don’t need a lot to do this. Just eat healthy food, do physical exercises, go outdoors, and also have a positive attitude to life. Scientists say that people with a sense of humor live longer, and they get sick less. If people were more attentive to themselves and their feelings, they would spend less time at the hospital. We must remember that health should be preserved because we can’t buy it for any money.

A human of the XXI century is special, because he lives in extreme conditions, breathes contaminated air, drinks water, which is scary to even look at, and at the same time, we get used rubbing ourselves with medicines. A modern person does not pay attention to his health; he smokes, he is drinking alcohol. But world’s resources can’t be inexhaustible. We take care of it only when we start to feel that it can’t continue like this. No wonder they say: “You start to care of your health only when you’re losing it.”

As you know, a person can’t live separately with the environment. It’s one inseparable mechanism. He needs oxygen, water, food, so it’s obvious that human health depends more on the environment and, of course, what it consumes, that is food.

Healthcare system

Nowadays, in the most economically developed countries, the activities of scientists: sociologists, physicians, and economists are largely connected with the search for an optimal model for the development and functioning of the healthcare system. The explanation of scientific and social activity in attempts to find a solution to this problem lies in the specifics of market relations. One of their norms is the need for a permanent comparison of the final result and the cost of its achievement. Because of this the developed model of the system, obviously, should ensure the best results of quality, availability of medical care, improvement of health indicators at a relatively low cost of resources.

Unfortunately, the search process lasts for many years, and the required unifying model has not been created yet. As a result, each country must choose its path, taking into account its peculiarities of the established health care structure, the mentality of the population. The essence of such transformations is reduced to one main thing – to move as far as possible from the extensive and get closer or completely switch to an intensive way of development of the industry. A peculiar “bridge,” which would make it possible to carry out such a transition quickly and efficiently, can undoubtedly be the institution of a family doctor – a general practitioner.

The health and safety executive. How can students on work experience access the company’s safety statement?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the body responsible for the encouragement, regulation, and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare, and for research into occupational risks in many countries. Health and safety legislation is in place to protect workers (this includes students on work experience) or those who may be affected by work activities. The safety, health, and welfare of workers are covered principally by the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Health and safety matters for students embarking on work experience. Periods of work experience and work-based learning will be the first time that most young people experience the work environment. Good preparation and organization of placements are essential if these opportunities are to be rewarding and safe introductions to the world of work. Through health and safety education students need to develop a set of safe behaviors which they can transfer into their future working lives.

One of the key health and safety requirements for any workplace is a safety statement. The safety statement is prepared by the employer and is a written program for managing safety and health in the workplace. It should begin with a policy statement on how the employer intends complying with the law. The safety statement should be based on an identification of the hazards and an assessment of the risks in that particular workplace. The controls/precautions necessary to combat these hazards and reduce these risks (including the controls/precautions necessary to protect young and inexperienced workers) should also be included.

The safety statement must be made available to students on work experience. Some employers give each employee a copy of the statement. Others make it available at a central location, for instance on the company notice board or intranet site. Sometimes the employer may refer to the safety statement as the safety policy. Students must read the safety statement carefully, particularly the risk assessment sections relating to their job, and ensure that they fully understand this information. If in doubt, ask.

Workplace health and safety hazards

We want to recommend you a list with examples of some of the most common hazards found in workplaces. You can find some of these hazards addressed in the company’s safety statement which should also explain the measures/precautions taken by the employer to prevent accidents and ill health arising from these hazards.

  1. Slipping on spillages on a tiled floor. Slipping on a highly polished floor surface.
  2. Tripping over something left on the floor such as a box or a stray cable. Tripping over loose matting or carpet tiles. Tripping over raised surfaces that you could not see.
  3. Falling steps or stairs. Falling off stepladders or chairs – especially if you are larking about.
  4. Lifting and carrying. Referred to as ‘manual handling.’ You can injure yourself if you lift and carry anything incorrectly from a box of stationery to a tray of bricks.
  5. Working with knives. Cuts and lacerations can occur when you work with knives – often this type of injury is the result of a knife slipping in hand.
  6. Working with food slicers. Cuts and lacerations. Amputation of a finger or thumb.
  7. Working in the proximity to running equipment and machinery. Getting ‘caught’ in running equipment or machinery – young workers are at significant risk of such injuries in some industries, g., laborers in wood and paper manufacturing, metal fabrication, food and beverage processing, construction, machine operators, material handlers, bakers, and cooks.
  8. Tractors, farm vehicles and ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles). Tractors account for the highest proportion of fatalities and accidents in agriculture each year. Vehicle operation, being crushed, struck, pinned under or falling from the vehicle are the causes of vehicle accidents. Those at risk include persons using the tractor and those who may be in the area where the tractor is operating.
  9. Hot working conditions may cause you to suffer ill health. Comfortable working conditions should be maintained – as a guideline a minimum comfortable working temperature for indoor sedentary workers is 17.5 degrees centigrade and upper level of comfort is 27 degrees centigrade (when undertaking light duties). Also, each enclosed workplace must be adequately ventilated.
  10. Human behavior. Your behavior can also be a hazard if you act in a way that can cause harm, whether intentional or unintentional, to your colleagues, g., shoving someone down steps or jokingly pushing someone into another worker.
  11. Electricity can kill or cause severe burns and must be treated with respect. Make sure you understand the instructions before using any electrical equipment – if in doubt ASK – and report any damaged tools or electrical equipment, including plugs, cables or extension leads to the manager.
  12. All sorts of workplace chemicals may cause harm, from soaps in the washroom that irritate the skin, to toners in photocopiers, to the more dangerous acids used in industry.
  13. Dust and spores (agriculture). Sources of dust and spores include moldy hay, straw or grain, compost used in mushroom growing, and poultry feathers and droppings. Exposure to these materials can cause both short-term effects (including irritation, bronchitis, and breathlessness), and long-term effects (including asthma, chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath, weight loss, farmers’ lung, and sensitization). Always wear the proper PPE.
  14. Emergency Fire is a major hazard in any workplace. You must know and understand the procedures for evacuating the workplace in an emergency. These procedures should be included in the company’s safety statement. You must also know the procedures for first-aid treatment in the event of an accident. The names of the people responsible for any first-aid actions should be included in the company’s safety statement.

In that article, we wanted to ensure you that health is the best wealth and your safety and social care at your workplace are very important. A person too busy to take care of his well-being is like a farmer too lazy to plant his field.

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