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Totalitarianism and Purge Increase Stalin

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Guiding Question: What are the key traits of a totalitarian state?

1. What aspects of Soviet life did Stalin control?

Totalitarianism- a government that takes total, centralized, state control over every aspect of public and private life.

2. What are 5 characteristics of a totalitarian leader?

3. What role does Police Terror play in a totalitarian state?

4. What role does indoctrination play in a totalitarian state?

5. What role does Propaganda and censorship play in a totalitarian state?

6. What role does Religious and Ethnic persecution play in a totalitarian state?

7. What was Stalin’s first step in creating his totalitarian state?

8. How would the actions of the Great Purge increase Stalin’s power?

Great Purge- a campaign of terror directed at eliminating anyone who threatened Stalin’s power

9. How did Stalin use censorship and propaganda to control the Soviet Union?

10. How did the Communist Party control Education and Indoctrinate the youth?

11. Why were religious groups targeted by the Communist Party?

Command economy- a system in which the government made all economic decisions

12. What was the purpose of the Five Year Plan?

13. What was a result of the Five-Year plan?

Collective farms- large, government owned farms

14. What group was against the collective farms and what the Soviet government’s response?

15. How did the Agricultural revolution in the Soviet Union impact the peasants and production in the country?

16. Why was education so important in Soviet society?

17. How did the role of women expand in Soviet society?

18. Describe Stalin’s rule of the Soviet Union:

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