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The Monica Ashley Case

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            The case is an analysis of “The Monica Ashley Case” which is authored by Cohen, Allan and Bradford, David. The case is about health Equipment and Laboratory Inc which had experienced a rapid growth with advanced treatment and diagnostic equipments. They utilize complex technologies such as laser, semiconductors, signal processors and powerful magnets to remain afloat the competitive market. The company had encouraged a maximum freedom working environment which encouraged their employees to be more creative and involved in the projects. Monica is one of their dedicated employees who had just successfully completed on the complex project which had taken her two years. But just before she hands over the project her boss Dan Stella removed her as the program manager. There was great change in the market which needed the medical equipments to be simplified and convert most of them from analog to digital hence that the reason for many and complex projects. Monica did not take it kind she felt that her victory for being able to manage the project to its near completion will be crowned to someone else.

            Monica was appointed as the project manager of Project Hippocrates which its project needed different approach to change the signal processing from analog to digital processing. Parker was the main designer of the original analog signal processor and he is known as being resistant to new approaches, which would be a major road block. Monica had power over parker because she had backing from Gory Dorr who promised to protect her from any intimidation by Parkers because they know his weakness. Monica was advised not to take Parker directly and accept to take the role as the project manager she shall be protected. Monica was courageous and was informed and understood her work well which made her win her arguments.

Monica lacked power to convince his fellow team mates to support her decisions that why when she came up with the idea of over whole redesign in the project instead of partial design she didn’t give which she lacked. Monica was unable to build a good relationship with the executive which is very important to gain political power. It’s only if she would have been in good relationship with Dorr and Stella who were the immediate supervisor and the administrators of the project she was over seeing. She was also not able to hold her angry opinion in meetings which made her not to be in terms with the managers. For her to be in control over the rest it was important for her to control her anger during meetings.

Parker had a lot of political power over Monica although he was not able to support his sentiments with any tangible evidence. Parker was able to influence Dorr and prejudice her so that they could victimize Monica on bases that he is taking control of issues of the company without consulting the executive. Parker capitalized on power of conflicts which he ensured that he politicized the innovativeness of Monica. This politicking developed to a negative attitude towards each other and the rest of the team players and the administrators. Monica then distrusted Parker and hence she decided to do the project on her own without involving Parker. Which made him even more furious and politicized the project until Monica was finally removed as the project manager after being harshly criticized despite the project being on course.

            Monica was able to influence others because she would table her arguments which she later defends with substantive data. Unlike Parker who was defending that there was no need to do away with the analogue signal processor because the company had always being able to meet the hospital / clients need disregarding that needs of the customers have now changed. There was an increased need to digitize almost all medical apparatus and equipments. Monica had also been able to choose a strong team which went through a vigorous interview which had never being experienced there before in the company. This strong team was cooperative all along and has made the project a success despite of her being the project manager who was not in good terms.

Dorr was the administrator which Monica mostly relied on to push her agenda. Monica accepted to be the project manager of Project Hippocrates after she was assured by Gory Dorr that she shall be protected on any discrimination from Parker. To her surprise Dorr whom she was relying on supported Parker to criticize her project this is when she knew that she would not succeed because the person she had hopes on is no longer supporting her views. Parker and Kane were able to exert influence by convincing Dorr that Monica is being disrespectful by not consulting the management when dealing with other companies and she seems to be controlling the company single handedly to the extent of negotiating on behalf of the company to acquire a digitalized processor without consulting. The tactics really worked because they were able to convince Dorr that Monica is disrespecting him which made him furious and stopped to support her. Withdrawal of Dorr support to Monica was the cause of her losing being the project manager which was their aim.

Project Hippocrates was well planned by Monica to ensure that it shall be well designed and implemented. Monica choose the team players well to ensure that the project is worked on well. She also included the wishes of most of the customers who needed an over whole review and redesign of the device, which would have made the company lead in the industry by being innovative and pioneers to digitize its operations which would have increased its competitiveness. But, she failed on coordinating her team with the management by developing a good working relationship with them. Her failure to consult well with the administrators on each and every move she made, hence they felt insecure and politicized her project which made it difficult to implement.

In project management she would have been successfully if she did it much more different. She would have accepted the concept that Parker being the one who own the analog processor was dispensable as she had been told by Dorr and try and involve him fully in the project. She would as well consulted with Dorr whom was the only one who seemed to support her so that Dorr would be fully aware of the progress of the project so that he is not compromised by anyone or being caught on surprise like the issue of Monica negotiating on behalf of the company to purchase a digitalized processor without his consent. She would have been able to hold her anger during meetings and develop a cordial relationship with the top executive.

Work cited

Cohen, Allan and Bradford, David. ‘The Monica Ashley Case.’ Managing organization. 2000. pp. 131-119

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