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The Importance of Voting

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With the Long Lines, the stressful waiting, and the constant question of asking yourself “why am I here?” on going in your head makes the waiting to vote the most exciting thing ever. But wait aside of that, think for a second. This year there were people going to vote even when hurricane sandy hit parts of their neighborhood, destroyed their houses or flooded several ways for them to get to their voting station, but they still voted. They’re is people who went to those voting polls and spent long hours putting whatever situation they were in aside and went to vote. They did so To fulfill their duty as a citizen, to make their voice heard and their vote count. This is why I think whatever the case maybe it’s important to vote. Although in voting; a one vote difference has never happened it’s still our duty to the democracy to let our vote count. In the democracy that we live in today there are many issues that are being addressed and many opinions trying to turn into ideas about the problems that were facing. That is why as citizens of this nation we need to critically think of which position do we believe in most; and vote to make that difference in our country.

But since this is about the importance of voting , not only should we vote for the president of the United States we should vote for the people that are trying to make their way into our congress, since they make most of the decisions. Many people believe that the president is the one that let’s things just happen, but they’re wrong. The idea is presented, then the president agrees or disagrees with it, the idea is taken into congress and then they decide whether they think it’s useful and if they agree, then a bill is made. So congress is one of the most important factors in politics that we should all take into count. We should try to vote in general because that gets us more involved in things that go on in our lives, like our mayors of the state, mayor of the county, or the president of the community. These people make a difference in our lives and maybe if we don’t like something about what they’re doing we can try to make a change. That is what is what’s beautiful about this great nation, we have a chance to let our voice be heard and to make a statement. Besides what do we gain by not voting? Nothing. Voting is like gamble things don’t always stay the same. According to “TheAtlantic.com”

The number one reason to why Americans don’t vote it’s because they’re too busy or their work doesn’t let them, according to “UsGovInfo” the people who were too busy to vote agreed that voting is important. So what is getting in the way in order for these people to go vote? Their Job schedule. Americans want to vote, there just not given the chance to. This issue should be fixed, the people that want to vote and want their opinion heard or to at least take part in something that will make a difference in their lives should be given the chance to, every job should let their workers have a special time for them to go vote days before. No one that wants to vote should not do so. Every person with an occupation should be given the chance to make a difference. The second reason to why people don’t vote is because they are disabled. I know that the least thing a disabled person wants to be is uncomfortable to someone else, they want to feel as if they can go do things themselves without bothering anyone. So even in the voting polls they have a special place for the disabled so people should just get out there and vote! Maybe if you don’t like the presidential candidates maybe you can try and vote for congress, or mayor of the state, whatever you think has the most impact in your life but still vote! Why should you vote?

Well because of You, Your children, the people who can’t vote and share the same opinion as yourself, you are their voice. When you go out there and vote not only are you voting for yourself but you are voting for children, and all those people who couldn’t vote that day and share the same concerns and opinions as yourself. As a parent think of it as voting for your children, your voting to get issues like school security fixed, college scholarships, financial aid etc. You are voting for their future. It’s in your hands. It’s also a way to honor our history as long as our country has had existence there was a time where people didn’t want us to vote, they didn’t want our voices heard, but some people stood up and we honor them by voting our opinion for those people who stood up for the right for us to do so today. Lastly, It also gives you credibility we need to make our concerns heard and what better way than voting. If not how can our concerns be taken into count? They may not even matter at all if we do not vote. Voting gives you the credibility to make your concerns a top priority for legislators.

This Topic In my opinion has got to be one of the most important issues that the Country is facing today. So I chose this Contemporary Topic for my project because I strongly believe that voting is a matter we should all take into count, As I have said before it really does make a change into our living even if we may not notice. Also voting gets us more involved in what’s going on in our country and what people are trying to do to fix it, this is a subject that’s very important and This project is all about making your voice being heard, and the different types of language. Well, this is America’s language. This for Americans; is our voice taken into matter into the decisions that are made in our country. We make the difference by getting out there and making sure they heard our voice this is the Americans language in Politics, and we should all speak it and speak up for the well-being of our community and great nation of the United States of America.

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