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The Art of Stress Management

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By the way, if your practice of recording and journaling stresses you out, it’s possible you’re just overdoing it. Try to relax, stay cool and calm, and objectively review your actions.

Now, you don’t have to record every little stressor that comes your way – just the ones you remember at the end of the day. You know, the little gremlins that tend to impact your well-being.

How Often and When?

Once a day. Some people write in their journals every few hours. However, if you’re like most people, you’re probably unable to do this. That’s okay. Write only when it’s convenient for you. You are not in competition with anyone on this. Just be sure you write in your Stress Management journal every day. This way, you will be consistently successful with Stress Management.

Cool & Calm Strategy: Acknowledge Your Personal Beliefs & Values 

The battle against stress will be much easier if you come to terms with your personal beliefs and value system. Many of us unconsciously harbor negative beliefs and old values that really do not support our current goals. ‘Me? Negative beliefs? My beliefs aren’t negative,’ you might say. We didn’t consciously put them there. But we can honestly identify them and consciously change them for the better.  Below are common beliefs and values that can directly impair your ability to manage stress. Check out these common beliefs and see if you identify with any of them.

Try to let go of any negative belief. Open the door to welcome relief. Remind yourself: Life works better on the positive side.

Cool & Calm Strategy: Take Action — the First Steps

Lastly, Stress Management isn’t just a vague concept – it’s a set of special, practical skills.  Take your first steps Practice it and you will be able to avoid or moderate your stress response. Long-term benefits: You will be healthier, happier and more productive. How Long Will It Take to Master Stress Management?

You know, Stress Management has spawned a whole industry of mentors and coaches. Why? Because it’s not something one learns overnight. The habit of stress, and it is a habit, can be a stubborn companion to a way of thinking. If you would like to understand how stress is actually a habit, get instant access to my FREE ebook, Stress Relief for Professionals. The important thing is that you absolutely can change a habit. With this in mind, it logically follows that you must truly want to take control and manage your stress for a healthier mind, body, and experience of life. You will see results if you begin and maintain consistency. Take the first few baby steps. Managing chronic stress does not require a lot of time in daily practice. You can accomplish a lot within a 20-30 minute timeframe.

If 20 minutes sounds overwhelming, just chunk it down. Try limiting your stress management sessions to 10-15 minutes. This should give you enough time to think about the stressors you encountered for the day and the way you reacted to them. Consistency is more important than the amount of time. Just be sure you focus on your personal stressors and let go of any negative blocks that we mentioned in Step 2.

Self-analysis Is Your Most Important Tool in Managing Stress

Remember: You must be honest with yourself. If you want to remain truly cool and calm, and not just mask your inner stress, you must be true to yourself. Make it a point to identify harmful thoughts and behaviors so you can modify them. Be like a third person, an alter ego, your other self, catching and correcting you. Avoid justifying any habitual, negative responses to stressors as this will just offset your personal breakthroughs. Behavioral modification is gradual but very real. To enjoy results, you must be consistent in detecting the stressors and your responses. Then begin enforcing a new, more positive replacement behavior. Oh, yes, I almost forgot: Be sure to reward yourself when you succeed in replacing a behavior. You deserve it!  

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