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”The 360 Degree Leader” by John C. Maxwell

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In the book The 360 Degree Leader` by John C. Maxwell, he delivered his point of views on how to develop the intellectual insight regarding and spiritual beliefs. Based on his achievements as a leader himself, Maxwell points out that it is important to express leadership through the application of public education the true meaning of faith in leadership. He further notes the procedures behind how to become a more enlightened leader, by having a common purpose and common vision. Through the said book, he discussed his hopes and dreams for himself as well as for the public education, for the different leaders and for the world. His major goal is to build a strong public education that will help the children to easily enhance their skills, and to support the needs of the students primarily with regards the moral and spiritual values. Through public education, the different kinds of beliefs can easily be discussed in formal and legal ways, and public education is the best opportunity to build different essential concepts that will connect the people within the human society.

Another goal of Maxwell is to frequently develop the “Dimension of Leadership”; though leadership is a great privilege to a person who has the chance in having the skills needed for it, the authors define the exact value of what are the valuable insights that a perfect leader should have. Also the responsibilities of the leader, which should always be his major priority for the benefits of his community; this will lead to a wellness and successful organization in the society that he serves. Wise leadership in spiritual, moral, and educational program is one of the major keys in a certain country’s future success; it is the best way to create a fruitful result that can give hope to the citizens of a particular society.

 The Principles of Leadership:

  • Intention- In leadership, it is important to know what the real intention of the leader in his activities and programs are. This is because all the related activities that are usually directed by the leader and provided by the members will always reflect his physical and moral values.

Every leader needs to be motivated by the major fact that they have the rightful intention to lead. This means that they are moved to act because of the noble reasons that they would want to use to lead the people towards the goals that they have towards having a better future ahead.

The fact that the leaders are to have fine intentions for the betterment of the greater others, it could be observed that leadership in this manner is rather considered more important for the aspect of success in the said process of leading.

Maxwell points out that giving ample consideration to the matter is an essential part of rightful leadership. People are likely to follow the leading hands of those ones who are able to outline the benefits of the leadership towards their own values as the followers of the rules and regulations implied on their account.

  • Attention- A true leader must always visualize the needs and benefits of his team; in order to develop a progressive idea the leader should always give his full attention to the programs and activities that are very beneficial to the community.

Attention is required for a leader to have primarily to attest the need of being able to assist the entire group towards a more beneficial process of being able complete the tasks that they are supposed to fulfill.

Leadership viewed in 360 degrees actually notes the need for one to be alert at all aspects of leadership all the time. This means that the leader should be well attending to all the aspects of his responsibilities all the time. The constancy of the need of being attentive to all things related to leadership is a major factor that contributes to directive and effective leading. It is through this that the major issues of the situation could be dealt with strategically by the major operating leaders within the group thus leading the entire group in more successful proceedings for the future.

  • Gratitude- Leadership is not all about the giving of commands and duties, in order to achieve the main goal; an acting leader should have an interpersonal emotion, greater acceptance, and dipper appreciation for handling a serious obligation, also by receiving a lively sense of favors grateful acceptance is also required in order to have a better leadership practice application.

Being able to recognize the fine works of others is a fine attitude for leaders thus giving them better standing with their group. Something that needs to be understood is the satisfaction that group members feel when they are recognized by their leaders thus affecting the performances that they are considering in making better reputation for the entire group.

     Within the entire context of the reading, Maxwell intended to help everyone see the importance of leadership both to one’s self and towards the others (Northouse, 2006, 13). This is a particular fact that needs to be considered well by every individual wanting to become a leader of others towards the betterment of the system of any organizations or groups that they intend to work for.


John Maxwell. (2006). The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization. Thomas Nelson Press.

Peter G. Northouse. (2006). Leadership: Theory and Practice. Sage Publications, Inc; Fourth Edition edition.

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