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SFX Tesco Comparison

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The director of SFX will be the principle, who serves as an educational director in charge of the college. Her job as the director includes over seeing that everything in the college runs smoothly, managing the policies and procedures to ensure that all the students who have enrolled to study at SFX are safe while they are within the environment and also receive they best education the college can offer. Tesco’s director ensures that the business is meeting its goals by setting out the aims and objectives for the business. He also decides on the strategy for the business and also has interest of the shareholder, making sure the shareholders don’t lose any amount of the money that they invest in the company. The comparison of the two directors in these two businesses one of the directors (Tesco) is looking after the shareholders interest and finding different ways the increase the profit. While (SFX) aims to provide education for teenagers (16-19) They are similar because they are both in charge of a business organisation looking after people and trying to reach their target aims and objectives. The workers under these businesses also receive a salary or wage for the services they provide.

MANAGER SFX’s senior management motivates the staff daily so they can reach the aims and objectives of the college which consists of the staff providing the teenagers with education. Their other main aims also include managing day-to- day activities within the college while also being prepared to solve problems and dissming staff. The manager of Tesco motives staff to reach the aims and objectives that the directors have set out for the company. He also recruits workers as well dismisses them. Tesco’s manager will also have the responsibility of working out solutions to any problem that can occur among the staff or in the store.


Each department in the college has a team leader known as (HOD) that over sees the whole course, guiding and motivating both students and staff an example would be Mrs Hamid who is the team leader for the Level 2 business BTEC class, she supervises the whole course ensuring that everyone meets the targets that are set out for them, also having to report back to senior management if needs be. Tesco’s team leaders are responsible for managing the operations going on within the organisation ensuring that the sales assistants are meeting their expectations and offering the right service to the customers. They also have the responsibility of ensuring that sales are running smoothly through the store. Team leaders in SFX and in Tesco have similar roles because they motive, supervise and sort out their staff timetables.


The assisting staff would be the teachers, they are allocated to teach students in the departments they have a degree in , also helping senior management reach their aims and objectives so the students can achieve their grades Support staffs have daily general works which they are required to have completed which might have been set by either a manager or the team leader. They are also required to support the managers and the team leaders. Tesco In this organisational structure called hierarchical organisation every entity in the organization, except one, is subordinate to a single other entity. In an organization, the hierarchy usually consists of a singular/group of power at the top with subsequent levels of power beneath them. This is the dominant mode of organization among large organizations; most corporations, governments, and organized religions are hierarchical organizations with different levels of management, power or authority.

Tesco’s financial department records all the business transactions, controls the finances and cash flow and Measures their financial performance Tesco’s HR department focuses on the needs of all the staff, looks after the member of staff whilst they work in the company and they are responsible for the training, development and promotion. SfxFlat organization is an organizational structure with few intervening management between staff and managers. Well-trained workers are more directly involved in the decision making process, rather than closely supervised .This structure is generally possible only in smaller organizations. Sfx finance department will provide financial support and advice to students (bursaries, trips money, teachers’ salaries, and money for the various departments) Sfx HR department supports the College’s strategic aim to attract, develop, reward and retain a diverse community of the staff.

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