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Runner in the Maze

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An exit is what they are seeking for, can they all survive along the way? The Maze Runner by James Dashner relate the story of Thomas, who has his memory erase and only remember his first name when he came in the box. He entered at the Glade scared and puzzle by not knowing what was going on. As, time passes Thomas learned how to get along with the others and work together to find a way out. By, Thomas being this curious guy he asks a lot of question. In order to survive it will take teamwork and unity altogether, as they only have each other and hope to get out of the maze. Thomas and the other Gladers show off bravery, caring, and selflessness. While Thomas is in the Glade he shows to be brave by the way he carry himself toward the journey. He also demonstrates himself as a person that does not have fear to anything, that has the bravery to challenge situation that no other gladers will do. According to the book “ Thomas Knew he had no choice. He moved. Forward. He squeezed past the connecting rods at the last second and stepped into the Maze. The walls slammed shut behind him, the echo of its boom bouncing off the ivy-covered stone like mad laughter” (112).

Thomas put his life a risk without thinking only having one thing in mind his friends Alby and Minho safety. Even though that includes broking the number one rule. By stepping a foot on the maze when the night is up. At night the Maze is extremely unsafe. Thomas knew the rule and still when to help Alby. What Thomas did was a risky mission he was an amateur that didn’t know anything about the Maze at that time. Thomas proves to be caring when concerning about others, taking care and making sure that everyone is fine. Thomas clearly revealed to be the most warm-hearted when he was in circumstances of danger with his friend. In the book “ And at that moment, in the space of only a few seconds , he learned a lot about himself. About the Thomas that was before. He couldn’t leave a friend to die. Even someone as cranky as Alby” ( 119-120). This show that Thomas is caring towards Alby and he doesn’t want to give up on his friends just because Alby is unconscious and the door are closing inted his go to help his friend.

Thomas is willing to sacrifice himself to make sure any of the gladers is (Alby)is alright even is his risking his life. Thomas is a selfless character who got stung by a Griever on purpose to regain his memories that can help him and his friends break free from the Maze. Thomas doesn’t care what he need to go through when it comes to help his friend, he will risk anything to help themselves get out. Thomas demonstrate how he chooses to help others instead concerning about himself. According to the book “ ‘ I did it,’ Thomas said, throwing all the annoyance he could into his voice,’ on the chance that I could get my memories back, help all of us get out of here. Do I need to show you the cuts and bruises all over my body?” ( 311).Thomas knew how crazy the act he was about to commit but he doesn’t care what he need to go through or what he need to do he will maintain persistent to find any clues to get everyone out of the maze. Thomas is like the hope of the maze him being confident to find a way out give other hope too.

He also do bold thing to get his memory back just to help other and himself to find any clues about find a way out. In conclusion, James Dashner shows how gladers never give up and they always have desire that one day they would find an exit and return home. As the time passes along they built houses inside the Maze where they can live and survive while they solve the mystery inside Maze. Dasher used a multiple traits to portray the readers with Thomas personality by challenging him with these bold acts, sacrifices, and loyalty to themselves. The Gladers revealed their characters traits as the story goes on, they protect one another and stick together.

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