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Proudest Moment Argumentative

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My proudest moment was when I was 9 years old. It was the first day I had been back to horseback riding lessons since I was 6 years old. I had stopped riding when I was six because my horse had thrown me off, the winter was pretty harsh on my asthma, and my riding instructor told me I needed to take a break. So when my grandmother offered to pay for new lessons for me I was thrilled and I took up the chance right away.

When I started horseback riding I was only 5 years old, and I went to the lessons everyday with my best friend Lexi. Lexi was much better than me, and owned her own horse. I was always a little jealous of her mainly because she could jump, canter, and trot and in the year I had been taking lessons, I was still only allowed to trot. I wasn’t scared at all. Despite my being shy when I was younger, I always took chances and wanted to do new things when it came to riding horses.

But one day it all went bad. I wasn’t riding my usual horse Charmer, and the instructor had put me on Lexi’s usual horse Star. I had never ridden another horse but Charmer before and I certainly wasn’t going to be used to Star. It was bitterly cold that day and snow had covered the ground. I could barely feel my fingers, when Star was spooked and took off cantering down the ring and I was thrown off. My back ached, my face and fingers were frozen, and I was crying really hard. My instructor told me and my dad that she thought it was probably time for a break, and I should try coming back in the spring.

Spring and summer came and passed many times, and my dad never renewed my lesson. 3 years would come to pass and I started my lessons up again. After losing all my knowledge, I was now cantering, jumping, and still trotting to my dismay but I was back on the horse and better than ever. I was really proud when my new instructor would give me ribbons after a day well done. I now actually still have a few from when I was younger and they’re all pretty cool.

I’ve stopped horseback riding all together now, but there are still days when I want to get back on the saddle. Who knows? Maybe I will in the future. The memories and lessons I learned from when I was younger and doing horseback riding lessons will stay with me for a while.

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