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Presentation Self-Evaluation

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My current presentation was a very [interesting, intimidating] learning experience. I failed to master my material, prepare before a crowd, and practice emphasizing key points. Noticing these weaknesses enabled me to complete a solid action list to address each in its own manner. For example, analyzing my material would be number one. The material and notes must be in place in order to have a smooth transition from one [slide or topic] to the more developed stages of understanding.

Mastering material would have eased the tension I felt pronouncing my words to the [panel, audience]. I studied my outline and key objectives before the presentation, but I could not find a settling point. The nervousness surfaced once I begun. The material deserves to be amplified with vivid verbs and action concepts so the audience attach themselves to what I am saying. That is why I realized that I must know and understand what I am teaching or speaking. The basis of my next argument will be very eloquent because I have recognized the factors of undertaking material in a more systematic way.

Preparing before a large or small crowd can reinvent my speaking skills for future engagements. My rigid posture, poor eye contact, and poor pronunciations were products of stage fright. I do not have experience with gaining the attention of numerous individuals I [know, do not know] reviewing me. In order to counter this, I will assign a review board aside from the [company, class] to critique my presentation skills the same manner as I have. The objectivity will give me an idea of what communication skills I must hone for the presentation to make a lasting impression on those listening to me.

Another issue I must correct and practice is emphasizing key objectives during my presentation. The [crowd, panel] did not hear the importance of [name the key points of your presentation] because my voice was very low. Added volume would have made the [panel, crowd] absorb my message clearly. In my presentation, the non-vivid language removed essence from my presentation. As with my voice, repetitiveness and solid examples would have made a lasting impression. My next speech will contain the appropriate examples, statistics, and other important attention triggers to gain control of the overall [seminar, presentation].

My nonverbal gestures such as touching my hair and rigid posture should have not occurred in the middle of my presentation. This aspect can be remedied by mastering the material until it is memorized or that I am comfortable with articulating my perspectives. As with my eye contact, my [reviewers, audience] deserved my attention – my eyes should have spoken the material as well. These weak points have applicable solutions that I will integrate before my next presentation. In all, mastering my material, preparing before a crowd, and emphasizing key objectives will guarantee my success as an effective speaker.

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