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Persuasive Speech Critical

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路Specific Purpose Statement: Today I will hope to persuade you why I feel the Euthanizing of animals can be wrong. 路Central Idea: Today I will hope to persuade you in why I feel euthanasia is wrong, I will tell you about the advantages of euthanasia, next I will tell you about the circumstances in which I am against euthanasia and solutions to how I feel we can help euthanasia rates drop. 路Organizational Structure Used: Topical Order

路Visual Aids Used: Images
I. ATTENTION GETTER: According to the online Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary, 鈥淓uthanasia: the act or practice of killing hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.鈥 II.SPECIFIC PURPOSE/TOPIC REVEALED: Today I will hope to persuade you why I feel the euthanizing of animals can be a bad idea. III.CREDIBILITY/BACKGROUND INFO/RELEVANCE TO AUDIENCE: As a person who has volunteered in animal shelters during the summer for the past two years I feel am able to speak about why euthanasia is not a good idea. IV.CENTRAL IDEA (THESIS)/OVERVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: Today I will hope to persuade you in why I feel euthanasia is wrong, I will tell you about the advantages of euthanasia, next I will tell you about the circumstances in which I am against euthanasia and solutions to how I feel we can help euthanasia rates drop. TRANSITION: I will first begin by talking about the advantages of euthanizing animals. BODY

I. First Main Point: There are some advantages to the euthanizing of animals. A. Subpoint/Supporting Material: One of the advantages of putting animals to sleep is when an animal is sick and cannot be cured. 1. Sub-Subpoint- When an animal cannot be cured due to health problems the animal is then put to sleep. a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- In an article 鈥淲hy We Euthanize鈥 by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), show images of some animals who have health problems that can cause pain and suffering. b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- One of these images is of a cat named 鈥淒iamond,鈥 who 鈥渨as suffering from a painful facial tumor that was slowly eating away at his face.鈥(PETA) c. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- Although I do not agree with the euthanizing of animals I do feel that animals should be put to sleep if an animal has a health problem that cannot be cured. 2. Sub-Subpoint- Another advantage of euthanasia is in animal testing. a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- When animals are used for research many are hurt from the side of effects. b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- In an article by Dana Bidnall titled 鈥淎nimal Testing鈥 she states that 鈥渁 large amount of lab animals suffer isolation, boredom, anxiety, psychological distress, separation from their mothers soon after birth, and sleeplessness.

These discomforts are in addition to the physical pain the animals endure during performance of the experiments.鈥(Bidnall 50) c. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- Due to the animals pain and suffering animals should be euthanized to avoid this pain. B. Subpoint- Animal abuse is another reason why using euthanasia is a good idea. 1. Sub-Subpoint- In the article 鈥淣oted NY animal hospice hit with cruelty charges,鈥 by Mary Esch states that 鈥淧eople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said the investigation found paralyzed dogs dragging themselves around until they developed bloody skin ulcers while their wheeled carts hung on a fence unused; animals kept in diapers for several days, causing urine scald; animals with open wounds and respiratory infections that weren’t taken to a veterinarian.鈥 a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- This animal hospice is meant to be used as a place for emergency care for animals, yet animals are being abused. b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- These animals who are not being taken care the way they should need to be taken out of their misery because they are in pain and suffering.

TRANSITION: Now that I have told you some of the advantages of euthanizing, I will now tell you about the circumstances in which euthanasia is wrong II. Second Main Point- There are different reasons to why the euthanizing of pets can be wrong. A. Sub-Point- One of the reasons is the euthanization of animals because of overpopulation. 1. Sub-Subpoint- According to an article by Animal Welfare on pet population done in 2011 it stated that 鈥渋t is estimated that between 6 to 8 million American pets are euthanized each year as a desperate and heartbreaking means by underfunded and under staffed organizations as a method of population control.

This translates to 16,438 to 21,917 pets euthanized each day!鈥 a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- This shows that in the U.S alone, there are millions of animals entering shelters and a great number of them are being euthanized as a result of this. b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- Animal Welfare also states that 鈥渢he majority of these animals were young, healthy, adoptable, and at least 25% percent of them were purebreds鈥 c. Sub- Sub-Subpoint- These animals that are put to sleep, are not just animals who have been hurt in any way but are also animals who are able to adopted in to new homes. 2. Sub-Subpoint- Another reason why people euthanize animals is because of behavior issues. a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- In an article named 鈥淓uthanasia pros and cons鈥 by Steady Health it states that 鈥渟ome people decide to put their pet to sleep due to the fact that it has changed its behavior negatively, becoming uncontrollable, unpredictable or dangerous.鈥 b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- I feel that owners who have euthanized animals because of behavior issues could have prevented these problems by receiving education on these issues and dog training; animals should not be to blame for the mistakes people make.

c. Sub- Sub-Subpoint- In a newspaper article by Jeff Hampton in the Virginian-Pilot he writes about a how a 鈥10 month old boy was killed because of the family dog鈥 (pittbul mix), 鈥 the dog who was euthanized for this, on another occasion the dog had bitten the older child. d. Sub- Sub-Subpoint- This could have been prevented if the family would have sought out to find ways to resolve dogs behavior problems with training; the family would have their son and their dog. B. Subpoint- There is also the issue that an animal can be euthanized when it belongs to someone else. 1. Sub-Subpoint- An example of this is seen in the article 鈥淲ho鈥檚 animal is it? 鈥 by Cherie Travis she writes about how in a case 鈥渁 man comes into your municipal shelter with a dog he says is his. He says the dog bit him and requests that your facility euthanize the dog, 鈥 (pg. 48) 鈥渕unicipal shelter euthanized the dog later that afternoon.

That evening, a woman came in with proof that she owned the dog and was devastated to learn that the dog had been killed as a result of her angry ex-boyfriend bringing the dog to the shelter and lying to staff.鈥(pg.48) a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- This occurs when a person presents an animal for surrender to a shelter or rescue and finds out later that this person did not have legal authority to surrender the animal. b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- Another example that shows this is seen in the article 鈥淲hen We Kill Our Pets鈥 by Jessica Pierce; she writes about a military dog named 鈥淭arget鈥 who was adopted by a soldier; 鈥淭arget鈥 later escaped her home and was picked up by animal control and taken to a shelter she had no collar and on Friday images of 鈥淭arget鈥 were put on the shelters website, on Monday the owner went to the shelter to find her, he found that she was put to sleep. 2. Sub-Subpoint- Pierce states that 鈥渢he shelter worker in charge of euthanizing animals that day had apparently picked the wrong dog out of the pen.鈥(Pierce 1) a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- Due to this an innocent animal was euthanized. b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- If the euthanizing did not occur in shelters this could have been prevented.

Transition: I have now told you about the circumstances in which euthanasia is wrong and will now tell you about ways we can help in lower euthanasia rates. III. Third Main Point- There is different ways in which we can help in dropping euthanasia rates. A. Subpoint- One of these ways is by looking into what type of dog is good for you. 1. Sub-Subpoint- A person who is not active does not want to purchase a dog that is very active. a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- From experience when I was younger I owned a Siberian husky, (Sparky) he was very active and loved to dig, whenever I would come home from school I would come home to hear that my mom had to chase Sparky down the street because he had jumped the fence. b.Sub-Sub-Subpoint- This occurred at least twice a week, and was resolved when my parents built a higher fence. c.Sub-Sub-Subpoint- This showed there are different types of dogs that are suited for every person. 2.Sub-Subpoint- Another way we can help keep euthanasia rates down is by purchasing animals from the shelter instead of purchasing from neighbors and pet stores.

a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- There are a high number of pets in shelters that are healthy and adoptable. b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- Animals in shelters want to live in homes where they can be loved and cared for not euthanized. B. Subpoint- Another way to keep euthanasia rates down is by spaying and neutering pets. 1. Sub-Subpoint- When you purchase a pet you can prevent litters by spaying or neutering your pet. a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- Many organizations can spay and neuter you pets for a low price or nothing at all. b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- An organization that does this is the Amanda Foundation; this organization spays and neuters your pets for free.

c. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- This helps in decreasing the pet population and decreases the number animals to be taken into the shelter. 2. Sub-Subpoint- Adding a microchip and license is another way to reduce euthanasia. a. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- By adding a microchip and license to your pet allows for your pet to be returned to you incase animal is lost. b. Sub-Sub-Subpoint- This helps in figuring out who the animal belongs to and allows the animals to be return to their right full owner if found, instead of treating it as a stray. Transition: There you have it- I have now told you about the way we can help decrease the euthanasia rates. CONCLUSION

I.RESTATEMENT OF SPECIFIC PURPOSE: I hope I have been able to persuade you in why I feel the Euthanizing of animals can be wrong. II. RESTATEMENT OF CENTRAL IDEA (THESIS)/MAIN POINTS: Now that I told you about the advantages of euthanasia, circumstances in which I am against of euthanasia and solutions to how I feel we can help euthanasia rates drop. I hope I was able persuade you in why I feel euthanasia is wrong, III. CONCLUDING REMARKS: I hope that before purchasing your first and next pet you educate yourself on the pet you hope to purchase to avoid getting him or her euthanized. Works Cited

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