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Personal Assistant

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Behind every great manager, director or CEO you’ll normally find a hard-working, super-efficient personal assistant planning their life effortlessly. Take a look behind closed doors and see what life as a PA is like…

So, what will I actually be doing?
As a personal assistant you’ll be helping out your boss with whatever they need, from managing a diary to typing up reports or planning meetings. Basically, you help organise their life so they’ll always know where they need to be and what they’re doing. Your duties as a personal assistant will largely depend on your experience, the length of time you’ve worked in the company and the level of trust you have with your boss. Personal assistants will be expected to carry out tasks such as:

* Typing up minutes
* Organising diaries
* Fielding calls
* Managing junior office staff
* Organising travel arrangements
But as your experience grows and if you take on more training, you’ll soon earn more responsibility such as researching projects, writing reports or managing budgets.

Personal Assistant
Duties and Attributes
If you are considering a career as a corporate Personal Assistant, Senior Secretary or Administrative Assistant you will find the following outline of typical skills, goals, objectives and Personal Assistant duties useful. These are the attributes and traits hiring managers and employment agencies look for when filling PA positions, especially PA jobs that command a high salary. The attributes of a good PA are:

– efficient,
– self-motivated,
– organised,
– a good communicator, and
– IT literate.
PAs manage and source resources and conduct research, so they need to be well informed, and internet savvy. They also need to keep up to date with the latest office gadgets and industry practices. Personal Assistants are calm under pressure and capable of thinking on their feet. They typically support senior managers, executives and teams, and, of course, Celebrity Personal Assistants work with VIP’s. PAs are increasingly required to work for more than one person. Consequently, the PA role has become a highly stressful one, particularly for Executive PAs, as PAs generally have their own workload and special projects to deal with. PAs need to be capable of competently dealing with situations in the boss’s absence, and should be confident enough to commission work on their principal’s behalf. Maintaining confidentiality is a fundamental requirement for any PA. PAs need to keep abreast of organisational issues and have a good understanding of the organisation’s aims and objectives. Above all, a PA’s role is to support her principal in his efforts to reach his targets and deliver on his strategic goals. PA Duties

Corporate Personal Assistant positions demand competence and skill at performing the following duties: – reading, monitoring and responding to the principal’s email, – answering calls and handling queries,

– preparing correspondence on the principal’s behalf,
– commissioning work on the principal’s behalf,
– liaising with staff, clients, etc.,
– managing the principal’s electronic diary,
– booking meetings,
– organising travel and preparing complex travel itineraries,
– writing minutes,
– taking dictation,

– planning, organising and managing events,
– managing a budget,
– attending events/meetings as the principal’s representative,
– conducting research on the internet,
– writing reports, executive summaries and newsletters,
– preparing presentations,

– preparing papers for meetings,
– managing and reviewing filing and office systems,
– updating websites,
– typing documents,
– sourcing and ordering stationery and office equipment,
– managing projects,
– managing an Assistant.

If you were drafting a Personal Assistant resume, you would find that the Executive PA role is similar to the Executive Assistant role so these titles are often used interchangeably. Generally, in addition to the above duties and attributes, the EA role also commands a good grasp of operations and business practices; a solid understanding of the company’s goals and strategies, and good project management skills. Subject: Introducing Yourself to Your Instructor


My name is Amit Vaidya. I am from India. I am in my first semester of senior year in Civil Engineering at Clemson University, SC. In this memo, I am going to tell you little bit about my background, interests, achievements and my goals.

I was born in a small village called Bilimora. Bilimora is located about 70 kilometers south of the city of Surat which is 8th largest city in India, in the state of Gujarat. I spent my first 16 years of life in Bilimora. Bilimora is famous for temples, textile mills. My everyday activities included going to school, playing cricket, watching television, and going to temple at the night time.

I spend my first 16 year of life in Bilimora before moving here in Greenville, SC on August 23, 2002 with my family. I started going to South Side Highschool as a sophomore and was enrolled in ESL program for a year. At South Side, I focused on achieving my goals including learning English language, participating in extracurricular activities, and doing well in all my classes. In my junior year, I had joined Math club, Robotics club and also enrolled in few honor classes. Along with school, I also found a part time job at a local restaurant to help my parents financially. Moving in to a new country and settling there (here) was a huge challenge for me and my family.

I like playing Chess and Cricket. I
always enjoyed reading, writing and doing math. Growing up as a child and until now, (my adulthood) it has been mine (my) and my parents dream for me to become a Doctor or an Engineer. —– I decided to become a Civil Engineer because I have always been fascinated by looking at the bridges, buildings, and skyscrapers. ——I decided to become a Civil Engineer because I am always fascinated by looking at the bridges, roads, and skyscrapers.

A degree in Civil Engineering enables me to achieve my goals and also gives me an opportunity to make a difference in the community.

I have achieved many different goals in life. Some of my achievements are bigger than the others, which has given me greater satisfaction. The top five achievements that gave me the greatest personal satisfaction includes: 1. Being student of the month in my English class

2. Getting my first job
3. Going to college
4. Learning English language
5. Getting my driver’s license
My achievements have helped me to get ahead in life.

I hope to get better at technical communication this term. Five years from now, I want to become a project manager of a construction project, and technical communication is one of the most important skills that a project manager should have. As a project manager, my primary goals are managing people, set budgets, and making decisions of all kinds.

This programme focuses on the office administration of any organization, with emphasis on office procedures, office management, office automation, office competencies, communication, personality development, and second as well as third language.

Students enrolling in the programme would have a great learning experience since they will be trained and guided in a friendly environment. The programme has been recognized by various industries since it was first offered , and this reflects the importance of office administration and management in all types of organizations. As such, the programme is offered as a full-time as well as a part-time basis.

Course work is facilitated via lecturers, actual problem solving, seminars, internship, and hands-on experience. The duration of study will be three years

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