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Michael Moore’s article, “Idiot Nation”

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Michael Moore’s article, “Idiot Nation” complies with Mike Rose’s article, “I just want to be Average.”; since both articles, state that the education or intelligence level of scholar in America, are very low. This decreasing level of intelligence, in scholars; is caused by the incompetence, the instructors comprehend; according to Rose, and Moore.

One instance of the instructor lacking the proper training; is shown when Rose, states; “Sophomore English was taught by Mr. Mitropetros…He had little training in English…” this proved that the English teacher was incompetent with, English the subject he taught. Also Rose later on states, “so his lesson plan…had us reading the district’s required text, Julius Caesar, aloud for the semester.” and “We’d finish the play way before the twenty weeks was up, so he’d have us switch parts again and again…”; this meant that the instructor was so incompetent that, the instructor would have his pupils; read the required text, Julius Caesar over and over, until the semester ended.

Michael Moore, also supports this fact, when he states “By the time the new term begins in New York City, seventy thousand veteran teachers will have retired — and 60 percent of the new teachers hired to replace them will be uncertified.” in his report Idiot Nation. This means that about 60 percent of seventy thousand teachers, will be instructing with out a license; basically incompetent, like Rose’s English teacher.

Another way the educational instructors are incompetent; in the way they lecture the material to the scholars. This is shown when Rose states “Once a teacher took some time with you, and you learned how to carry out these operations. Simple versions anyway. But that was a year or two or more in the pass, and these are more complex versions, and now you’re not to sure. And this, you keep telling yourself, is ninth- or even eighth-grade stuff.” Rose means, that instructors rarely are willing to deeply explain, the matter their instructing; thus the scholars don’t truly understand the material, so the student can’t solve the more complex versions of the problems.

This according to Rose, will cause the scholar themselves to be very stressful or frustrated; since they can’t solve the problems, other scholars can. This point is proven when Rose states “…it’s a word problem… Your attention wavers. You wonder about other things: a football game, a dance, that cute new checker at the market. You try to focus on the problem again. You scribble on paper for a while, but the tension wins out…You crumple the paper and begin daydreaming to ease the frustration.”

This will cause the scholars start avoiding the work or/and the class that this class or classes is. Rose proves this statement, when he states “…There is no excitement here… there is rather, embarrassment and frustration and, not surprisingly, some anger in being reminded once again of long-standing inadequacies. No wonder so many students finally attribute their difficulties to something inborn, organic… Given the troubling histories many of these students have, it’s miraculous that nay of them can lift the shroud of hopelessness sufficiently to make deliverance from these classes possible.”

According to Moore and Rose, one of the many main reasons for the level of intelligence our scholars have is; cause by the incompetence of the instructors whom instruct the scholars. The instructors are lacking many things, mainly the “level” to instruct the courses, they are instructing. Those instructors that do have the “level” rarely spend not enough time with their scholars, so the scholars understand and absorb the matter; that the instructor is teaching.

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