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ICT Used by an Employed Adult

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I have decided to choose an Adult who is an Orthodontic specialist. The Adult I have chosen is named Dr Sadiq. He uses a lot of ICT in his Daily life which is very helpful to him as it enable him to carry on with work quickly and without facing a lot of problems. He owns an orthodontic practice which includes a lot of ICT products such as:

* Computers

* X-ray machine

* Autoclave

* Fax Machine

* Word-pad

* Dental chair (includes a lot of machines such as micro motor, high speed turbine etc.)

* Compstosite polymerization

* X-ray developer

* Do IT ( special orthodontic software)

Explanation of all the ICT he uses as mentioned above

Output, Processing and Storage devices:


He uses a lot of computers at work. The computers at his work placement are used to mark people in as well as mark people out. They are also used to send details to the NHS about any facts or any information which is needed for any treatment. They also use Computers to type letters which need to be send to patients. Computers are also used to check at what time which people is coming or change timings. To do all of this work they use a special orthodontics software named DO IT which provides them with all the templates as well as information or timings regarding the treatment. It also provides them with information about what are the problems or any other information regarding the teeth’s. This software is able to send information in and out from the NHS to the Orthodontic specialist and the other way around.

Computers are seen as a processing device as the functions entered with the keyboard are processed by the computer. And it also acts as a storage device as data and information can be saved onto the hard drive.


These computers as I mentioned above make the work a lot easier for him as he can save templates and use the templates again and again without starting to write something from the start and then do all the work again which saves a lot of the time. All the details which he is able to save on the computer are also very helpful as they take up less and they are less likely to get loss. Of course there are some disadvantages of using the computer as if a virus would attack the computer he would lose all the data as well as the templates which will stop his work, but as long as he backups all the stuff and work there should not be any problem. The software also is very helpful for him as he uses it to send and receive data which does not take a long time as the net has a great speed.

So Computers are able to meet Dr Sadiq’s and his Staff’s needs fully.


Explanation + Evaluation

This specialist software has been designed for orthodontics and it is used for a lot of occasions. This software has a lot of functions as it is able to check in people as well as to send messages around the praxis if any work needs to be done. One of the most important works this software can do is that it can automatically send all the DATAS to the NHS or if the NHS requests any DATA it also is able to send it automatically using a wireless connection. This software also stores all the detail from his address up to his condition of teethes. For example it stores: address, phone number, condition of teeth, appointment timings, number of appointments visited, number of appointments cancelled, timings and data of appointments, day list of all people who are going to come at a certain day or even came at a certain day. As I mentioned above that this is a specialist software DR Sadiq uses all these functions of the software as without the software it would have been very hard to do this work and it would have been a lot of paper work so I am sure that Dr Sadiq is very thankful to this software as well as all the other Orthodontics in this country.

Do it is also classified as an input output as well as a processing device. The reason for this is as the patient coming into the surgery is booked in at that point DO IT’S process works as it automatically start showing the waiting time of the patient. At the end it is an output device as it is able to highlight a patient who has been waiting for a long time.

DO IT does meet the organisations needs but could be improved in its accessibility and form as this system is not very easy to use and has a very high price.

Input devices:

X-ray machine:

X-ray machines are used for several reasons as they enable you to look inside your body without doing any operation. These machines are mostly used by doctors for cases which can not be solved without any x-ray. X-rays enable doctors to see what is going with the patients teeth and how the can fix that problem. The x-ray machine can be seen as an input device and a processing device. The reason for this is as it first takes the x-ray bi giving out lasers and then processes it into a picture. But it can not be classified as an output device as it does not print the picture or show it, but send it to the x-ray developer.


In the orthodontic case Dr Sadiq uses X-ray machines to look at the skull of patients and find out if there are any teeth coming or what so ever. This helps him to carry on his work quickly as he is able to patients how the treatment is going to be done or if when they could start the treatment.

The x-ray machine does meet Orchard Orthodontics requirements as it does fulfil its main point which is to take an x-ray so currently Orchard Orthodontics do not see a room for improvement.


Explanation + Evaluation:

This is a very helpful tool which is used by all orthodontics as this is a machine which warms up all the metal equipments which Dr Sadiq uses so that the bacteria’s can be killed and the metal equipments are safe to be used so that they don’t harm others. This can also be classifies as an input as well as output and processing device. The reason for this is as the timing for the autoclave to be turned on has to be added. Also then it starts doing the process which is warming at an very high temperature and the output device is the final equipment coming out being cleaned and safe.

The Autoclave does not meet Orchard Orthodontics needs fully as it takes a lot of time to heat up fully and clean the equipment so this piece of ICT could be improved by making the Autoclave more efficient.

Output device:

Compstosite polymerization

This also is a special piece of technology as this works in a way that it makes the special glue used by orthodontics stick quickly. This machine also needs to be used carefully as it uses a laser which if you look directly into it can lead to problems or eye weakness. DR Sadiq uses this machine in the same way as all the other orthodontics do to make the glue stick quicker and harder as this helps him to carry on with the work quickly without the machine he would have to wait until it sticks properly by itself but with the help of this machine he is able to carry on with his work quickly and it sticks the glue even harder then in the normal way. This is classified as an output device but also it can be seen as a processing device. The reason for this is as a button needs to be pressed and a timer starts to run. When the timer is running a laser light is given out which is the output device and when the timer stops the laser light stops which is the process.

This machine is able to meet Orchard Orthodontics needs fully, as it does fulfil the process it has been produced for, and there is no room for improvement see able.

X-ray developer

This machine as the name tells enables all kinds of doctors to develop the x-rays they have taken. This machine is very simple as firstly there are bottles of chemicals which need to be put into the machine just the same way as the ink for a printer after that the machine needs to be turned on and then the x-ray should be put into the machine after that the machine works by itself and prints the x-ray on a special folio. The only danger in this machine are the chemicals it uses as they are very corrosive and if they react with your eye and skin it could lead to danger otherwise it is a very helpful machine. DR Sadiq uses this machine for the same reason as other doctors do to see inside a patient. But in his case he sees inside their teethes to see how the teethes are placed or if there are any teethes coming the wrong way or if they are stuck and so on. This helps him to do his work better as he knows at what position and exactly where to place the brace as well as it enables him to stop any problem before it creates.

This can be seen as an output device as I mentioned earlier the x-ray machine sends the picture to be printed so the x-ray developer in some sense just works liken an printer and prints out the image send by the x-ray machine.

Finally the x-ray developer does not meet the need fully as it requires too many chemicals and also takes a lot of space as well as it is not as fast as a printer.


Finally I believe that all the technologies used by DR Sadiq are very helpful and enable him to carry on with his work as fast as he can. Of course I believe that there are more machines and software’s going to be developed which will help him to carry on with his work even faster and more effectively but up to know I don’t know of any problem he is facing.

I have not faced a lot of problems during this coursework but all the details and the pictures are taken by me and all the details of the machines have also been taken by me by talking to doctor Sadiq. I am really thankful to him as he has helped me out so that I was able to do my coursework originally.

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