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Group Leadership and Conflict Summary

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Group Leadership
The intent was very clear, I might have been a little new to the group discussion online. Me teammate Wa-Landa was very informative about the details of the video. The interaction might
have been short notice, due to me not knowing where I should have posted my thoughts. Me honest opinion I was not prepared at all for this project, seems like I was not the only one. With the small amount of people responses we all did not give our best.

We did participate as much as we could, my team members were opened to different points of views. I feel that more people should have participated, due to many students. From experience I would say maybe five participated on responses. On my behalf I did not use my time efficiently. Overall on production I would say one of my team mates stood out more. The strategies I would use in the future is not to wait last minute. Try reach out to other team members via email or text messaging. Making sure we are informing them how important this is and how it might affect
our grade. In the future I see most of making right decisions and trying not have many argumentative conversations.

Video Analysis
This group had great idea especially Aisha and David. I liked how no one step over anyone boundaries. Everyone was at a natural tone of voice, also what was great about the group they all agreed to an amount in five minutes. No one disagreed about a thing, the leader was great at helping them stay on task and remembering what was best to achieve the teams goal. The group did everything well, each part identifies which gave a conclusion on how to work as a team. Communication and cooperation skills were awesome. My favorite part was when everyone gave their input and came to one answer that fits.

The next part which was accomplish was the starting amount of the playground and how they can raise the monetary next. What could have been better for the group was a little enthusiasm. More research on land, contractors and equipment, as to where the location might be. Is the neighborhood safe? Checking out organizations around the area and see who would love to donate. Always make sure you are telling them why they are donating and its for a good cause.

Video Analysis ‚ÄúThe Politics of Sociology‚ÄĚ

The main issues in the meeting are the group members are not agreeing to the final decision. No one interrupt each other, members were listening to each other’s opinion. There was a lot of ignoring, competition and not a lot of compromising. Ray and Phil had the most conflict. David needs to jump on the leader seat and get everyone to conclude. Being a leader is a big responsibility. First step is listening to your team members, jotting down all questions and taught that were brought to the table. Motivate and inspire your team mates in building them confidence. To create a rapport the team leader should address each member by name and have all contact information.

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