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Finding Your True North

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Instead of ramifying the different traits or characteristics that a person needs to be a successful and effective leader, the book approaches the development of leadership based on the unique experiences, circumstances and predilection of individuals.  There is no single and definite leadership model or structure that people needs to emulate in order to be a successful one.   Developing the leadership potential of every individual entails a personal examination of one’s being and liking.  These can translate to one’s intense desires and passion, which often arises in one’s life changing experiences.

Finding your true north is like a reflective journey of knowing one’s self – defining oneself, one’s place in this world and finding one’s niche in the grand plan of things.  Self awareness is the first element of emotional intelligence.  Knowing oneself in turn helps you define what life is about to which one’s leadership objective is aimed.  Leadership involves the development of one’s inherent talents and redirecting them in the outside world.   It is therefore crucial to be true to oneself instead of imitating one’s idol i.e. a political icon (Gandhi or Hitler), business icon (Bill Gates) or some known personality (John Lennon, Oprah), etc, else one gets instantly lost in the process.

In application of this approach, I try to define my values, priorities and motivations in life which I try to derive and isolate from the decisions I have consciously and unconsciously made in my life.  This also reveals that responsibility is first and foremost affixed to leadership, not power or wealth.  From there on, there will now be a conscious action to align one’s values in response to the needs, empowering and serving the people, and collaborating with others.

In the end, leadership is a personal endeavor of finding yourself and making a difference, whether to the world, to a nation, to a community or just a single person. And finding one’s own true path and transforming oneself into a complete strong person is the first step from which one can help or influence others.


George, B., McLean A. and Craig, N. (2008) True North/Finding Your True North: A Personnel Guide,  John Wiley & Sons Inc

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