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Stalin Essays

Why did Stalin destroy the Kulaks?

Collectivisation was Stalin’s answer to his belief that Russia’s agriculture was in a terrible state. Stalin believed that Russia had to be able to feed itself – hence collectivisation – and that at the very least the peasant farmers should be providing food for the workers in the factories if …

Policies Of Stalin And Gorbachev

The political and economic policies of Joseph Stalin in the period before World War 11 and those of Mikhail Gorbachev were similar in some ways, yet different in others. The economic situation of the country at the time of the two men’s administration was similar, so their policies were parallel. …

"Compare and contrast the internal policies of Mussolini and Stalin

Mussolini and Stalin were two of the most significant dictators of the 20th century. Both aimed to establish a totalitarian system but their different characters and circumstances in their respective countries resulted in two very different approaches in obtaining their goals. At the beginning of Mussolini’s era, Mussolini was supported …

“One death is a tragedy; one million deaths is a statistic”

It is easy to personalise one death – we can all imagine someone we know dying. However, beyond 100 or so, the number of deaths becomes unfathomable and we can only think of it in an abstract, conceptual sense. That is to say, we can understand that a million people …

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