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Dressing Properly

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            Dressing properly on the job is important. The way we present ourselves to other employees and the world says much about us, personally. Very often the way we dress is carried out by our own beliefs, perceptions and assumptions but does this necessarily mean that it should be a set standard on the job according to the way the older generations set certain standards for dress code?  “The way we dress is our imprint“ we learn from authors Grumet and Hecht, (Grumet; Hecht, 1981) as we are given an opportunity to express our individuality at work. We should never take too much for granted and overstep our boundaries when we decide how we will dress at our workplace.

            According to Lily Whiteman, who wrote the book, “Get Hired”, the way we dress can insure more respect from those that we work with as well as move us up farther in the company. Whiteman (Whiteman, 2005) explains that we don’t have to dress in old clothes to get more respect but we can follow the set standards who were given by an older group but maintain a new standard with new clothes and attire that follow the accepted form of dressing by our peers. Whiteman tells us that to “Ensure your dress and grooming don’t reinforce negative stereotypes about older people. For interviews, dress neatly, in new clothes and in contemporary professional styles. (Hint: if your interview outfit is of the same age as John Travolta’s white suit from “Saturday Night Fever,” it is way past time for an update.) Also, before each interview, get your hair cut, and if you color your hair, do it professionally.” We do need to examine the way we think about the way we dress on the job while it is important for mentors to set good examples in the workplace. Susan M. Heathfield (Heathfield, 2008)  tells us that “Employees have the opportunity to both lead and impact the leadership skills of others.

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