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Democratic, Representative, Responsible, Parliamentary

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The word democratic can be used to refer to an individual, organization, or a country that is characterized by principles of political equality or social equality for all. It would refer to an individual, organization, or country that favors democracy ideals. For example a democratic government would be a government where all leaders are elected by the people and decisions in the government are made through voting. This would be a government elected by the people and for the people. Democratic can also be used to refer a person belonging to the Democratic Party, which is one of two major political parties in the United States.

Representative can be defined as an act of serving to represent. The word can be used to refer to a person or something that stands or acts for another especially through some form of delegated authority.  For example when we talk of representative government, we will be referring to a person who is elected to represent or to act on behalf of the electorates. A representative would there be given authority  to act on behalf of those who have delegated that form of authority but mainly serve their interest. A representative democracy would therefore mean a form of government founded by people’s representatives.

Responsible is being liable to or called on to answer for. Responsible is being liable to be called into account as the main cause of an action.  It is to assume the liability for something.  Being responsible means one is liable for legal review or any case of faults, being liable to consequent penalties. It also means that one is politically answerable   to the electorate. For example in a representative democracy, the elected leaders is liable responsible to represent the electorates. In the process of electing their leaders, the electorate must ensure that their leader is responsible.

A parliamentary system is a system in which there is supreme legislative body which is given the overall power. It refers to having a legislative power resting with a particular body of cabinet ministers made of representative of the electorates and given power toe legislature.  For example a parliamentary government would be a government that is made up of representatives who are elected by the electorates. In a democratic government, there is a parliament which is legislative body and a cabinet which is elected from the parliamentarians as a executive body in the country.

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