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Decision Making Process

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Unilever today is a trusted name in both Bangladesh and other parts of the world. Listening to the people, who buy our products, helped us to grow into one of the world’s most successful consumer goods companies. In fact, 150 million times a day, someone somewhere chooses a Unilever product. In the last four decades, Unilever in Bangladesh are dedicatedly bringing new and quality products for the hardworking Bangladeshi people to refresh them after long day at work. About 90% of household in Bangladesh use one or more of our products.

Unilever was founded in 1890 by William Hesketh Lever, came to our country four decades ago. Previously this was known to us as Lever Brothers Ltd has brought diversity and innovations along with itself. Our portfolio of brands is popular among the globe and in Bangladesh is mainly because it has wide range of both world class products and regional products designed for the local market. The diversity came from having strong root in local markets and details knowledge about the local culture which integrates to the understanding of the local people.

And world class expertise applied their intellectuals’ thoughts to server consumers everywhere. Unilever in Bangladesh’s product line consist of food brands, home care brands, personal care brands. Our personal care brands consist of wide varieties of products such as Lux soap, Lifebuoy soap, All Clear shampoo and conditioner, Pond’s products, Fair and lovely beauty cream, Dove soap and other products in Dove brand etc. Being the top line manager in the distribution arena of personal care product, I have the duty of running a smooth the distribution process.

It involves monitoring the lower level managers/ supervisors (who in turns monitors the root level sales representative), taking into account the amount of sales, and setting up plans to ensure quick distribution and to explore new areas for distribution of our personal care brands. Our distribution system maintains a standard and reviewed periodically to keep it up to date and to ensure a better service than the competitors. But like any other sector our distribution process is not perfectly free of errors and to make the process even faster require some changes to be made.

So, I have taken a major decision to upgrade our system and modernize our distribution process to keep up with the pace of time in this fast moving world and allowing us to be ahead of our competitors in the same market. The plan is to equip our sales representative with notebook PC with wireless internet connection. As all our sales representatives have to be Secondary Certificate holder, they all have gained knowledge about computers in their year 9 and 10 as it is one of the obligatory subjects.

So providing our representative with a “crash course” on operating notebook PC will be sufficient for them to put it in use. Like any decision making process, our decision also includes sorting out the criteria which will reflect our requirements and the necessary components that we need to take into account for a perfect decision making. After doing a research on the requirements that we need for our notebook is it has to be light weighted. As our representatives have to carry them around all the time while working.

Other criterion includes good quality casing, memory of the notebook (RAM), and storage capacity, after sales service and of course the price of the computer. These are the main components that our representatives require in their notebook PC to carry out the activities and I considered while making the decision. The above criterion has been analyzed and the weigh is put on every single criteria. We determined the maximum weight as 10 points and accordingly weight is put on every single criterion which gives us the clear picture of the factors that needed to be given more importance than others while making the purchase.

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