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Client might be at risk

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Please read all questions carefully and answer them fully to ensure you have enough evidence to cover assessment criteria. Please use assessor notes, health and social book or internet to assist you with answering questions. Please note that copying straight from a book or internet is not permitted, you must answer questions in your own words. Just click where it says ‘click to enter text’ and type your answer Please ensure you type your name and date where prompted as assignment cannot be accepted without these.

Joanne Cluett

Explain what steps to take if entry cannot be gained after further efforts and how to record and report on actions taken when unable to access an individual’s home Check through the letter box, windows and back of the house to see if its accessible. Check with neighbours if they know the whereabouts of the clients. If the neighbours cannot help call the care manager she will tell you what to do.

When you cannot access the individual’s house follow the work setting procedure to find if the individual is aware of your visit, Examine other possible reasons for being able to access the individual’s home, Follow work settings any arrangement agreed with the individual and key people to address situations where you cannot gain access to the individual home, make further efforts to access the individual’s home, Contact your manager promptly if you still cannot gain access. Explain the actions you have taken to try and gain access. Agree with your manager for further actions to be taken, Complete records and reports on incidents and actions taken when you cannot access an individual’s home in accordance with legal and work setting requirements.3.4 Explain why it is important to record and report on difficulties with access

It is important because the client might be at risk if the staff have difficulties entering the house. If the client has mobility issues and cannot get to the door, they maybe at risk from many things. All difficulties needs to be recorded to make sure that these difficulties are not repeated and also to be able to carry out an assessment what could be done to stop the difficulties. Health and safety if the client has to take medication and the staff has to prompt, that means the client wouldn’t be able to take the medication because of the difficulties and that’s not healthy for the client and also for the staff to be on a safe side. 4.1 Describe emergencies that may be encountered when gaining entry to an individual’s home

The client may have passed away in their own home, client may have fallen down and injured herself and not able to open the door, An individual may not be aware of your visit and likely to be out. Individual unwilling to allow access,sometimes a client doesn’t want any visits wants to be left alone. keys lost therefore unable to open the door. 4.2 Explain how you would deal with an emergency encountered after gaining entry, using agreed ways of working

Take action with the legal and work setting procedures,follow the work setting and legal ways when there is an emergency call for help. Complete records and reports taken when you are faced with an emergency, with accordance with legal and work setting requirements.4.3 Explain how you would record and report on an emergency encountered after gaining entry Explain emergencies that may be encountered upon gaining entry:

Check if the place is safe and no hazards in the place. Listen to the clients pulse and heart beat to see if they would need first aid to be applied. Calll for help if there are people in the area and you not supposed to leave the client alone, until the Med Rescue or family arrive.reporting on what you found upon entry if the client is dead or sick, what you saw upon entry. Deal with emergency encountered after gaining entry, protect yourself and the injured from any hazard. Lastly Record and report on emergency encounterd after gaining entry into individual’s home by reporting to the manager and call the ambulance if necessary.Learner signature: D Wangui Date: 20/10/2017

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