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A Study on Stress Management of Employees A Multinational Companies With Reference To Mphasis

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Stress is a fact in our daily life. When a person needs help, it means the person feels physically and emotionally disabled. Most people believe that their capacity and capabilities are so little to encounter high level of stress.

Today, human is in a transition process from an industrial to a post-industrial world. Also, the post-industrial world, like the agricultural or industrial world has its own characteristics. People were living their own simple life over thousands of years, but an industrial revolution started to change their life in so many aspects.

Today, with progress in all respects, human is facing new challenges in many different fields as if progress in turn creates new problems. Over a century, the nature of working has been changed widely, and still these changes are in progress. Following these changes, number of illnesses has been increased, morality and human aspects are faded and new problems are occurred every day, so that we are facing job stress which called “illness of the century”.

According to “The National Job Safety and Health Institution” job stress is an annoying excitement which occurs when there is no proportion between person’s wants, job requirements, and person’s talents, or worker’s resources and needs. Researchers of this Institution believe that mostly, job stress and challenge is regarded as synonym, while these two words are different.


Most organizations with the aim of attaining higher productivity end up saddling employees with overload of work in order to meet deadline and this might have psychological and physical effects on the employees which may result in something contrary to what these organizations want to achieve. Although organizations are paying more attention than in the past to the consequences of the trauma their employees go through when they place extra-ordinary demands on them, there is still more room for improvement. Again to generate enough revenue to be self-sustaining and to be able to fund the acquisition of modern equipment meant efficient service provision and optimal employment of resources. In the process the workforce is exposed to various kinds of pressure eventually ending with stress thereby are encountered with variety of problems including the health. The need of the hour is understand how effective are the stress management techniques adopted the multinationals companies in combating the stress. In view of these facts, a study becomes relevant and hence, the present study.


To study the stressors and their coping methods adopted by the Multinational Companies to overcome the stress, based on their perception.

To identify the sources of occupational stress

To study the various methods adopt by the sample organization to avoid or overcome the stress among it workforce.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Stress management in the sample organization and

To offer constructive suggestions


This particular study about Work Stress Management is restricted within the organization. The study is conducted on the employees of the organization. This is not because of non-availability of resources but the nature of the study itself restricts it. It studies the existence or non – existence of stress among the employees in the organization and identifies the factors which are contributing for stress. It also provides the various steps adopted by the organization for managing the work stress of the employees, which can be used as future reference for decision-making and policy making with regard to the employees. This study reveals the morale of the employees

Review of Literature:

A review on the previous studies on stress among the employees is necessary to know the areas already covered. This will help to find our new areas uncovered and to study them in depth.

After understanding the concept of stress, we need to study the previous studies in order to have a larger view of various effects of stress on employees. This will surely lay down the scope of the topic for further research. The earlier studies made on stress among the employees are briefly reviewed here.


Under Research Methodology various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problem along with logic behind them is discussed.

The researcher methodology has many dimensions and research methods to constitute a part of the research methodology. It is necessary for the researcher to design the methodology for his problem as it may differ from problem to problem.

In the process of conduction the study, the researcher has followed the following methodology Field Study The researcher has conducted the study among the executives and offices level employees in Mphasis Company Since employees were operating, study on the whole system could not be undertaken as a whole and is restricted to within the unit of the company.

Collection of Data:

Primary Data:

The data is proposed to be collected through structured questionnaires and also through personal interactions and observations.

Primary data was collected within the employees of organization through survey and personnel interview.

Secondary Data:

Secondary data was collected from various published books, company web sites and company old records.


The opinions, behavior and attitudes of the respondents reflected in this study are restricted to the duration of the research and are subject to change with the passage of time.

The result of the project is based on questionnaire.


It has recommended to the company that if stress management techniques are initiative then the average health of the employees will be better and she/he will be able to better cope with stress, then by the level and degree of performance of the employee will improve.

It is recommended that the company should give one task at a time and give sufficient time in meeting the targets so that the employee performs his best without any stress.

It is recommended that it should focus more in giving stress management techniques to the age group of 20-29 probably due to inexperience.

It is recommended to the company to conduct frequent recreational programs like get together in departments concerned, parties on occasions like the birthdays of the employees, on the achievements of any particular department, cultural activities, sports pleasure trips etc.

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